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From field to fork

Both with our Upper Austrian contract farmers for our sustainable project “Kontrollierter-Backfein-Qualitätsweizen-Anbau OÖ” (Controlled Backfein quality wheat cultivation Upper Austria) and with our bakery partners “Backfein-Bäcker” (Backfein bakers), we always focus on quality from the grain to the delicious pastry. The quality of the flour always depends on the quality of the grain. That is why Haberfellner has a strong focus on contract farming.

We preferably source wheat from our controlled “Backfein” cultivation from farmers in Upper Austria. The aim of this partnership between contract farmers, Haberfellner, and our bakery partners “Backfein-Bäcker” is to meet the demand for more regional and local products in the best possible way. At Haberfellner you get a taste of the region.

Contract farming with farmers in Upper Austria
Haberfellner Mühle processes more local grain than anyone else. As the quality of the flour always depends on the quality of the grain, Haberfellner has a strong focus on the topic of cultivation. The project “Kontrollierter-Backfein-Qualitätsweizen-Anbau OÖ” (Controlled Backfein quality wheat cultivation Upper Austria) was launched. Selected local farmers supply wheat of a particularly high quality in accordance with contractually agreed criteria. This includes natural cultivation, one of the reasons why Haberfellner pays farmers 10 to 15% more than the market price for their grain.

“This allows us to offer our consumers the best possible quality and at the same time support local agriculture”, explains Markus Haberfellner.

Our bakery partners “Backfein-Bäcker”
To complete the circle of the highest quality from the field to the mill to the consumer, bakeries also become partners of Haberfellner Mühle. Bakeries labelled as “Backfein-Bäcker” have been relying on Haberfellner’s high quality, thoroughly tested “Backfein” flours for a long time. This is convincing more and more bakers. They swear by the high and consistent quality that ensures that their bread is always baked to perfection. And just as Haberfellner flour is the first choice for professional bakers, it is also the first choice for home bakers!


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Supported by federal and state governments and the European Union

Grant agreement P2035682-VVE01 dated 15 November 2022: purchase of a new milling plant and a small packaging system, expansion of flour silos, extension of power supply.

Grant agreement P1500467-VVE03 dated 29 June 2016: investments to improve productivity by optimising the small packaging system, grain cleaner, lifts, and automation.